We have tried our best so that even the most demanding guests are left satisfied after a visit to our bar. We want to get away from the developed stereotypes of the karaoke industry market. It is believed that the quality of the cuisine is not so important for karaoke establishments. We absolutely disagrees with that. Full-fledged restaurant menu, only with fresh and quality products. We strive to make sure that no visitor leaves us disappointed, when trying any of our dishes. Italian acoustics and professional equipment define the word KARAOKE for us.

ROYAL BAR creates an atmosphere of a really cozy bar, where you can hold a business meeting, corporate event or celebrate your holiday with your family! Quiet relaxing music with your singing will make a very memorable event.

Karaoke lounge is decorated in our "signature" color scheme - only with warm colors. While entering this room, you will know - everything here is made with love for music and songs! This will be reminded by you our "tradition guardian -" White grand piano. By taking the microphone, your performance in the rays of light, penetrating with concert sound begins, only to last the whole night. And very often our evening ends with a joint performance of the song by all our guests, who previously were not familiar with each other, but have already become good friends, this is what we see our task as, because ROYAL BAR - is a territory of friendship, free from evil and disaffection!