The Saryagash Aray Deluxe resort - is happy to provide you with the possibility of effective treatment and holiday in the luxury health complex.

Medical tourism is one of tourism industries, which takes place in sanitarium complexes, designed for prophylaxis, treatment and rehabilitation. The main advantage of medical tourism - is not only relaxation, but also the recovery of the organism.

Do not wait for the time when your body is quite tired and not able to recover on their own without serious medical intervention. The Saryagash Aray Deluxe resort - is the best thermal spa resort of Kazakhstan.

When choosing a health resort for the treatment and prevention of numerous diseases abroad, we forget that our Republic has a unique resort with a source of mineral water, offering a large selection of medical services.

Saryagash mineral water refers to natural, nitric, alkalescent, slightly mineralized ascending water. It comprises more than 30 microelements, essential for a person.

Exceptionality of Saryagash mineral water - is her youth and unique composition. This water is weakly mineralized and contains bicarbonate (HCO 3), compensating the lack of carbonates in the blood, increasing blood alkaline reserve, has an alkalizing action. It also contains vanadium, which is capable of to reduce the sugar content in the body. Once in the stomach, it reacts with gastric juice, and stimulate gastric secretion.

Health Center Saryagash Aray Deluxe is a great place for seminars, conferences and training sessions. Our complex can host events up to 70 people. Also within the complex there are all conditions for conducting outdoor time building.

Medical base:

Baths based on mineral water: antler, selenium, fir, iodine-bromine, turpentine, magnesium, aroma baths, Jacuzzis.

Mineral shower of all kinds (underwater massage shower, Charcot's douche, rising douche, circular shower).

Gynaecological irrigation, medical swabs. Prostate office.

Gastric lavage, blind (tyubazh) and duodenal intubation.

Medicinal herbal microclysters.

Hardware hydrotherapy of intestinal irrigation.

Treatment with a computer laser complex "Andro-hin" Mavit.

Physiotherapy: laser therapy, intravenous laser irradiation of blood, magnetic therapy, shockwave therapy, ultrasound therapy, non-invasive hardware mesotherapy, phototherapy, mechanical lymphatic drainage, electrophoresis, bioptron, SMC, D'Aarsonval, laser therapy, oxygen therapy, paraffin ozokerite applications, phytotherapy, oxygen cocktails, herbal inhalation.

Drug therapy (IVs, injections).

Individual treatment and rehabilitation programs:

  1. Diabetes, type I secondary form (calculated for 10-14 days).
  2. Diabetes type II, mild to moderate forms in compensation stage (calculated for 10-14 days).
  3. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Diseases of kidneys and urinary tract.
  5. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  6. Allergic diseases.
  7. Diseases associated with intoxication.

Reception is conducted by highly qualified doctors and of category I , having extensive experience in the sanitary-resort system. They have received many government and professional awards during many years of experience and achievements in health care.

Counseling for people with borderline disease is done by: Physician otolaryngologist, neurologist, urologist and gynecologist.

The program plan of treatments is corrected by experts strictly individually, depending on the health status, existing contraindications, and the desired result.


Procedures offered in the SPA-center  will fill you with energy and liveliness. SPA Complex includes:

Turkish hamam

Finnish sauna

Different kinds of peeling

Different types of massage



Two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor)

Fitness Centre


Medical services included in room price:

Consulting a therapist, dietitian, a gastroenterologist, cardiologist, pediatrician, otolaryngologist, neurologist, urologist, obstetrician-gynecologist.

Mineral baths (jacuzzi).

Mineral showers of all kinds (underwater massage shower, Charcot's douche, rising douche, circular shower).

Gastric lavage, blind intubation (tyubazh), duodenal intubation.

Physiotherapy: laser therapy, magnetic therapy, phototherapy articular, bioptron, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, oxygen therapy ,SMC, D'Aarsonval.

Medical microclysters.

Paraffin-ozocerite treatment.

Gynaecological irrigation.

Herbal inhalation,phytotherapy, oxygen cocktail.

Examination : Electrocardiogram, complete blood count, complete urine analysis.

Medical services not included in the room price:

Medicamental treatment and treatment procedures from specialists,

fibrogastroduodenoscopy, mesotherapy, phototherapy, sigmoidoscopy (Colon therapy) Intravenous laser irradiation of blood, hydrocolonotherapy, lymphatic drainage, laboratory examination methods (biochemical analyzes on semi-analyzer, blood sugar, urological and gynecological smears), ultrasound, Andro-Gin, Mavit.

Aroma bath salt, selenium, fir, antler, bromine, magnesium, turpentine and many others.